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Difference Between English Willow Bats and Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

The choice of Cricket bats in the life of the cricketer is the most vital decision he can make. The kind of bat decides for him whether he shall be able to perform well on the cricket field or not. English willow Bats and Kashmiri willow bats are two types of bat quality which the cricketer has heard of in his life several times.

The bats derive their name from the willow trees which are used to manufacture the product. The wood obtained from the willow bark is used for creating these fine-quality bats. However, the cricket bat English willow varies from the Kashmiri bat. Here are some of the basic differences that you will notice while using the bat and determining the quality.

Difference between English willow and Kashmir willow bat- 

The difference in the shade and color of the two bats-

You should understand the primary difference between the English willow bat and the Kashmiri willow bat, lies in the fact that both have contrasting shades. So there is no way you can get confused between the two.

The English willow bat comprises the lighter white shade of the timber which is distinguished and remarkably different from the shade of the Kashmir willow bat. This is because although both come from the bark of the similar species plant, the climatic variation and the soil along with location, confer the trees with different properties in appearance and quality.

Grain texture of the bat-

This is another very important factor that you should consider while purchasing a bat. The grain texture of the English willow cricket bat is of pronounced quality. The grain texture of the bats refers to the prominent brown and black lines on the surface of the bats. You should opt for the kind of bat which shows a more refined and prominent grain texture on the surface.

Such products are certainly going to last longer and provide you with the best performance for a long time. High-quality Kashmiri bats are also available in the market and are quite a competition to the English bats when it comes to showcasing the grain texture. While purchasing a bat you should always make a note of the quality because the performance and reliability are instantly enhanced in that aspect.

Weight of the bats-

Another striking difference between English and Kashmir willow bats comes into play here. You should notice that the Kashmir willow bats are heavier than the English ones. This is because of the presence of moisture in the timber of the Kashmir willow. The density of the wood is much higher compared to that of the English bats.

Thus all these factors contribute to the heavy weightage of the Kashmiri bats. The English bat on the other hand weighs much lighter than the Kashmiri counterpart. It is easy to spin the bat and hit the balls with the English bat because they can be lifted without much inconvenience.

However, there is no need to worry about the Kashmiri bats, because the manufacturing brands have taken care to produce the best Kashmir willow bats which can be carried by the cricketers and used in the field without any inconvenience.

Orientation of the wood fibres –

The Kashmir willow bat consists of fibres which are oriented and directed horizontally. On the other hand, if you notice the orientation of the English bat fibres, then you will observe that the wood fibres are aligned vertically. Thus it is possible to distinguish between both the bats based on composition.

These are the few basic differences between the English willow bat and the Kashmir willow bats. Based on the facts mentioned above you can certainly decide which one to use and consider purchasing the one which works best for you. We shall help you to select the best quality bat for yourself in the article and make a worthy choice.

Which of the two types of bats should you purchase for practicing cricket-

The cost and expenditure –

This may be noted that the price of the Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat is much more affordable than the English bats. The bats are excellent choices for individuals who desire to practice and gain expertise in the field of cricket.

 The beginners should certainly go for the Kashmiri bats which are way less expensive than the English ones. The reasonable rate of these bats makes it easier for the practitioners to purchase and play with these bats.

The weight factor-

Although you should also make sure about the comfort and convenience of the players. The English bats are light weighted and easier to spin and hit the ball. This does not create strain on the muscles and the person can practice for a longer duration of time. The Kashmir willow bat, on the other hand, can create an issue in this aspect.

But if you opt for the high-quality Kashmiri bats then the chances are that you can work with a light weighted bat in the field. So the kind of bat and its quality depends on the price and manufacturing technique of the brands.

Both Kashmiri and English willow bats are popular in the market. You can surely go for either of them depending on your budget and your requirements. While the beginners can use the Kashmir willow bat because of the affordability of the price, a trained player requires a refined quality English bat to play in the field.

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