About Us

Power And Durability in a Cricketing Environment.

Welcome to Domminik, makers of the finest top-quality handcrafted professional English Willow cricket bats. We specialise in custom made bats which enables each bat to have it’s own nature/profile suitable for an individual player. Though new technologies are used in production of cricket bats, we still believe the conventional and traditional methods are superior to achieve a unique balance between power and precision. Domminik is committed to follow the same process to produce supreme quality bats irrespective of the final grade.

At Domminik, our vision is transparent and we stick to fundamentals of product research and development. We believe in BUILD then MEASURE the efficiency and LEARN to make continuous improvement to be able to supply you premium cricket gear.

Our approach to customization motivates us to continue the research & development work and strive to achieve the best possible cricket gear at reasonable cost. Time is very valuable and important to everyone’s life and this is why to be on schedule is one of our prime FOCUS. We at Domminik, respect customers time and do not hesitate to go beyond the bounds to deliver.

Domminik Cricket bats are made from Salix Caerulea English willow, which is by nature a soft fibrous timber and possesses the perfect characteristics to form an ideal bat. To name a few like balance, power, and durability to perform in a Cricketing environment. These bats are completely hand crafted from start to finish and the quality of English willow is enhanced during production through the drying and pressing of the timber.

We take pride in introducing safest protective gears which are manufactured using highest quality materials. We also make sure we do not compromise with the look and feel of the products. At Domminik, we spend time to research and come up with comfortable light weight cricket gears to have a featherlike feel. It is a right combination of modern look and traditional approach to prepare such cricket gears.

Domminik has also launched its apparel and merchandise range. We have considered sizing as a concern to an individual player based on the feedback received as an outcome of extensive research. We have come up with sizing patterns to fit any players by customizing. Our fabric manufacture unit has 25 years of wealthy experience producing world class customized fabrics suiting to any sport with an unparallel fabric in its bounce, stretch and ultimate wearer comfort. The unit has been producing best micro polyester fabrics with outstanding functional properties like moisture wicking, Anti-Microbial finish, ultraviolet protection (UPF 50+), Anti-static, Soft touch, pill resistant etc. which does not let the player be tired. Our range of sublimation sports apparel are designed in-house and ready to be merchandised by clubs to cater for men, women, and children.